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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Wound Healing

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure High Blood Pressure and wound healing do not go together.  Hypertension or high blood pressure is a measurement of how hard your body has to work to pump and

Smoking and Wound Healing Do Not Go Together

Smoking Prevention to Heal Your Body Smoking and wound healing do not go together.  Why?  Because just one puff of a cigarette can further restrict much needed oxygen and blood traveling to the place of

Heating Pad Danger

Beware of Heating Pads During Treatment or Post Surgery

Beware: The Danger of Heating Pads Beware of heating pads – they should never be used near an open wound or after surgery. The temporary relief causes unseen damage.  Many times burning under the skin

High Blood Pressure

Controlling Blood Sugar for Optimum Healing

Control Blood Glucose  Controlling blood sugar is important for wound care.  High blood sugar levels tend to stiffen arteries and cause narrowing of the blood vessels, which slows down post-surgical and chronic wound healing.  This